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Must-Use Instagram Tools

Instagram Tools You Have to Use!

Our modern society is completely dominated by social media. Over the last decade companies like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have become household names and are used to share everything in people’s lives.

In addition to those, the most popular image sharing and manipulation software is Instagram. The easiest way to share photos with your family, friends or anyone else. It also allows easy control over pictures and how they appear.

Instagram is always free and has a variety useful built-in tools. However, if you want to get more power and usability from the app then you can get some additional must-use Instagram tools. These can be free, charge a one-time fee or have a subscription.

Must-Use Instagram Tools


One of most popular and user-friendly Instagram apps is the post organization app called ScheduGram. This tool is very powerful and extremely useful is you post large amounts of photos frequently or if you control multiple Instagram accounts.

It allows easy organization of posts and most importantly it has the power to schedule posts for the future. This is a subscription service which offers a 7-day Free trial. The monthly fee is $20 after the trial ends and if you have a plethora of followers it will pay for itself instantly.


If you are looking to maximize your followers and increase your popularity then SocialRank is an excellent solution. This brilliant app uses statistics to give you a report about your most popular posts, most engaged locations and most popular filters.

You can use these tools to decide the content you need to post and when to post it. This is an app for serious Instagrammers. The basic membership is free and the pro is $49 a month. Mugshot Mary offers you the ability to discover how to get a bunch of followers on Instagram, check them out.


If you are looking for a simpler app that can show you who is most interested in your posts then BestBuddies is ideal. This app just simply gives you a list of users who like your posts the most and ranks them for you.

You can use this information to adjust posts by examining the demographics of the users and the posts they liked. In addition to these three titles, there are hundreds of additional must-use Instagram apps on the market to solve all your photo sharing needs.

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